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Buy Telegram Promotion

Is there any risk to my Telegram Account if I order Telegram Group Members from RforRank?

We don’t ask for your Telegram group password, and we don’t use automation or mass following to acquire you members and engagement like other telegram “growth tools.” We exclusively use organic promotion through influencers, magazines, and our in-house platform, so your account is safe.

How is RforRank Different From Other Telegram service providers?

Any service that requests your Telegram password or employs automation or bots violates the Telegram Terms of Service and puts your account at risk of permanent ban. We never ask for your Telegram password and only engage in manual, organic outreach and promotion to build genuine, long-lasting, and highly engaging members.

How long does it take to start receiving members?

Once you make an order for group or channel members, we begin immediately.

Do you use Follow/Unfollow method for telegram promotion?

No, This is an old method of gaining members and that violates telegram Terms of Service.Β We don’t log into your account, we’re not a bot or an automation tool, we’re a social media agency and a team of strategists who promote your profile organically through our influencers and our platform.

Is it legal to buy Telegram group & channel Members?

Yes, it is safe to purchase Telegram group and channel members. All our services are within the telegram terms of service.

If I cancel, will I lose my members?

Nope! You will not lose any member if you cancel. We get you organic members that enjoy your content and want to follow you!

How Fast Will I See Results?

We will start work instantly after your order and hopefully you will see best possible result within few hours.

Are The Telegram Members Real?

We only use organic outreach to get you engaged Telegram members who are interested in your profile and content.

Is buying telegram channel members are legal?

It is not illegal to buy telegram channel members for your account, but you must adhere to the platform’s guidelines. Our service gives genuine and authentic members to ensure that your account appears natural. Under telegram’s terms of service, we believe our service is legal.

Do you need my telegram password in order to acquire Telegram group members & Channel Members?

we do not need your login details. We use alternative methods, such as advertising through our private networks to attract real and authentic users to your account. We will only need URL to continue the work on your profile.

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